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Beginner Hip-Hop

Dancers will learn the basics behind Hip-Hop as a core and get to know its music, groove and proper feel of the style. We will be teaching routines in this class as well, that will form part of the end year show. We work towards building students with a solid foundation, as they are the future of this style and industry.

Competition Classes

This class is for students that want to take dancing to a competitive level. Take note: This class can only be taken as a SECONDARY class. You do not have to be amazing yet to compete. The competitions we compete in have different experience level categories. Our dancers always enjoy competing and most of them also take this class. It is good for a dancer’s self-confidence. The dancer does not have to compete at every competition if they do not feel ready or not deemed ready by the trainer. We do solos, duos and groups for upcoming competitions in this class.

Advanced Hip-Hop

This class is for dancers that have a good grasp of Hip-Hop fundamentals and with solid previous dance experience. In this class we will focus on more difficult choreography and combinations of moves to push dancers to the highest level and to be completely ready to be in the industry.

B-boy Classes

Bboy also known as Breaking or Breakdance is one of the original Hip Hop styles and is based on dancing to a ‘break’ of a piece of music. You might recognize this style by seeing someone spinning on their head on Step Up. Breaking includes aspects from gymnastics and Capoera. Bboy is very beneficial to a dancers overall personal style of dance. Anybody is welcome in this class, even if you have no previous dance experience.


Pretoria East

Jeffrey’s Bay


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