The Kingdom’s lab

Dance Centre

The Kingdom’s lab

Dance Centre

a Living sacrifice to god

About Us

The Kingdom’s LAB Dance Centre is a dance centre that provides Hip Hop and Street Dance classes to people
from ages 6 and older.

Head Choreographers and Owners of The Kingdom’s LAB Dance Centre, JP and Karla Saayman started the studio in 2013 and 2018 respectively. We have in 2019 combined our studios to form The Kingdom’s LAB Dance Centre. Now represented in PTA East and in Centurion and twice as powerful, we are extending our knowledge of Hip-Hop and other street styles like Popping, Krump, B-boy, House etc. to the future generations of this industry. We aim to help them not only be ready to compete at the highest level, but to U-turn Hip-Hop and dancing towards The Creator of arts. We are POWERED by God alone and we aim to let every dancer that enters our doors become their own EXCELLENT BEST!!

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Get a sneak peek of what you’ll be up to in classes!

No Pain, No Gain